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Calais Prince Speaks To Undergraduate Students About Careers in Biomedicine

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Author: Esther Lee | Category: Community Outreach | November 18, 2015

Calais Prince spoke to Texas State University undergraduate students as a part of the Bridges to Biomedicine Health Disparities Workshop Series.

Bridges to Biomedicine is a partnership program between Texas State University, Northwest Vista College, and San Antonio College that is funded by the NIH. 

The program helps community college students interested in a career in biomedicine transition into four-year baccalaureate programs.

While in the program, students conduct undergraduate research in laboratories in San Antonio during the academic year and at Texas State University during the summer months. 

Currently, we have 13 students working in various laboratories at the UTHSCSA.

Calais presented her research on the effects of pre/early pregnancy obesity on placental function, which coincides with our program’s goal to educate students about health disparities in the community as well as globally. 

The student’s were actively engaged during Calais’s talk, which is a testament to the benefits of communicating with students early in their STEM endeavors. She received a variety of questions pertaining to her research ranging from the prevalence of obesity to mitochondrial function.

In addition to discussing her dissertation work, Calais spoke to our students about her undergraduate experience and her journey to where she is today. 

As parts of Calais’s journey were unconventional, the student’s received these portions of the talk warmly as many of them are still trying to identify their paths. 

Calais was also able to give advice pertaining to the graduate school application process. 

She stressed the importance of striving to develop and showcase scientific prowess prior to applying as well as participating in activities that will prepare them to be good scientific citizens.

We were pleased to have Calais participate in our workshop series and encourage others to participate. 

For more information please visit the Bridges to Biomedicine website at or contact

This article was written by Esther Lee, program coordinator of the Bridges to Biomedicine program at Texas State University. 

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