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Beyond The Bench


A Failure to Communicate Science Effectively Will Lead The Public To Mistrust Scientists

Author: Ahsan Choudary | Category: Beyond The Bench

Ahsan Choudary writes about how examples like Theranos’s false technology, Hwang Woo-Suk’s stem cell cloning controversy, and Haruko Obokata’s false claims about the creation of a novel technique demonstrate that bad science happens more than we may realize.


The Formation of A Biomedical Graduate Student Network

Author: Milos Marinkovic | Category: Of Interest

​The UTHSCSA Graduate Student Association (GSA) hosted its first-of-its-kind meeting of graduate student leaders on March 12 from across the UT-System.

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Studying Neurosurgery Abroad: Mariam Ishaque in London

Author: Mariam Ishaque | Category: Beyond The Bench

In preparation for her transition back to medical school, Mariam Ishaque went to England to work with the Imperial College of London’s Neurosurgery Department.


American Football vs. Protecting our Brains

Author: Travis Block | Category: Beyond The Bench

Football season is over, Concussion is out of theaters, and most people are ready to forget about head injuries.

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The Science Thing About Funny*

Author: Dr. Jonathan Berman | Category: Beyond The Bench

Dr. Jonathan Berman, MC for the World Record Attempt for the Largest Periodic Table of Elements, writes about humor in science.