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Final Words: Wei Zhou and the Medical Physics Program

Author: Wei Zhou | Category: Final Words...

Wei Zhou, Medical Physics Track graduate, talks about his research on glaucoma.

Dalia sanchez

Final Words: Dalia Sanchez and the Toxicology Program

Author: Dalia Sanchez | Category: Final Words...

Dalia Sanchez, Masters of Science in Forensic Toxicology graduate student explains why she became passionate about toxicology.


Final Words: Shahad Abudawood & the Pediatric Dentistry Track

Author: Shahad Abudawood | Category: Final Words...

Shahad Abudawood explains how she chose the Masters of Science in Dental Science program and the Pediatric Dentistry track.

2015-07-21 14 fotor

Final Words: Yilun Deng and the Cancer Biology Track

Author: Yilun Deng | Category: Final Words...

Yilun Deng talks about her experience in the Cancer Biology track of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences program.

April turner fotor

Final Words for Pipette Gazette: April Turner & Dental Hygiene

Author: April Turner | Category: Final Words...

April Turner, a registered dental hygienist talks about her experience taking online classes for the Master of Science Dental Hygiene program at UT Health Science Center.