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Making A World Record Element for Science Fiesta

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Author: Ms. Cress | Category: Community Outreach | March 01, 2016

Local science teacher Ms. Cress from Jackson Middle School writes about her experience making an element square for the World's Record Periodic Table Attempt for Science Fiesta. This blog was originally written on The Science Safari Blog

I was forwarded an email by my principal about this unique opportunity and decided to do it (after getting some agreements of assistance from the 8th grade ladies) and signed us up. 

We were assigned the element lanthanum and we waited patiently for our materials to arrive from the UT Health Science Center San Antonio.  

Once the supplies arrived, we set out to recruit students to our cause. That was the hardest part to be honest. But, we managed. 

Girls from the Spirit Team helped create the gigantic letters we needed and students from my 7th grade classes finished them off. Two very talented 8th graders tackled the jaguar in the corner and our square was ready for painting!

We started painting on Thursday afternoon and got as far as we could, when we ran out of white paint after only painting half of the "L". The tube we received was very small, but I ran out and bought us some more white paint to finish everything. 

We also ended up running out of orange at the end, but one of my art students ran to the art teacher to borrow some colors. They didn't have orange for some reason, but that student ended up MIXING (it matched perfectly, very impressive) up some orange in a nacho tray.

We spent the last Friday before tile pick-up frantically finishing the painting of this HUGE tile. Seriously, this thing is huge. It's 15'x12'. Giant. 

I'm proud to say that everything on this is because of students. They designed and voted for each section and then went about drawing and painting. They needed a little help measuring, but that's ok, it was a huge canvas!

Here's our finished product. It was so large that Ms. Toohey had to take a panoramic of it!

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