Graduate Student Association

Graduate school can be tough, so we are here to make things a bit easier for you.

The GSA is a student-led organization with the sole purpose providing assistance for career development, organizing social events for the graduate student body, and addressing key issues that can have a direct effect on your life as a graduate student.

Please visit our new website, where you can find our meeting minutes, event details, and subscribe for email updates!


President – Travis Block
Vice-President – Mikaela Sifuentes
Treasurer - Tamara Fraker
Secretary – Kristen Malloy

Student Ambassador – Jodie Gray

Program representatives:
IBMS--Tara Holmgren & Megan 'MJ' Moerke
BME--Milos Marinkovic
Dental--Ali Alaqla & Martina Parrone
MS I&I--Ryan Daly
Rad Sci (Medical Physics)--Thomas Vanasse
1st Year Reps--Andra Bates & Samantha Adler

No reps for the following programs yet: Nursing Science, Translational Science, all other MS programs outside of I&I