Fred Richards III, Ph.D


Dr. Richards is a teacher of Gross Anatomy for first year medical students, second year medical students, and first year dental students. He also is the director for a head and neck gross anatomy course for second year dental students. Other teaching responsibilities include team-teaching advanced anatomy courses to senior medical students in LOM Gross Anatomy and MSK Gross Anatomy, as well as lecturing to the allied health students in the Inter-Professional Gross Anatomy course. 

In 2009, Dr. Richards received the prestigious UTHSCSA's Presidential Teaching Excellence Award. In 2010 Dr. Richards was inducted by the faculty into the UTHSCSA's Academy of Master Teachers. In 2010 he was also awarded the title of Distinguished Teaching Professor by the University Of Texas Board Of Regents. Over the years the UTHSCSA medical and dental students have selected Dr. Richards to be the recipient of many different awards.

Senior Lecturer, Cell Systems and Anatomy


University of Texas at Austin, 1984


MED 236D

Phone: (210) 567-3878