Xiao-Dong Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

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The goal of Dr. Xiao-Dong Chen's lab is to reconstitute tissue-specific stem cell niche in vitro to control stem cell fate for tissue regenerative purposes.

Selected Publications

Antebi B, Cheng X, Harris JN, Gower LB, Chen XD, Ling J.Biomimetic collagen-hydroxyapatite composite fabricated via a novel perfusion-flow mineralization technique.Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2013 Jul;19(7):487-96.

Sun Y, Li W, Lu Z, Chen R, Ling J, Ran Q, Jilka RL, Chen XD. Rescuing replication and osteogenesis of aged mesenchymal stem cells by exposure to a young extracellular matrix. FASEB J. 2011 May;25(5):1474-85.

Lai Y, Sun Y, Skinner CM, Son EL, Lu Z, Tuan RS, Jilka RL, Ling J, Chen XD. Reconstitution of marrow-derived extracellular matrix ex vivo: a robust culture system for expanding large-scale highly functional human mesenchymal stem cells. Stem Cells Dev. 2010 Jul;19(7):1095-107.

Chen XD. Extracellular matrix provides an optimal niche for the maintenance and propagation of mesenchymal stem cells.Birth Defects Res C Embryo Today. 2010 Mar;90(1):45-54.

Chen XD, Dusevich V, Feng JQ, Manolagas SC, Jilka RL. Extracellular matrix made by bone marrow cells facilitates expansion of marrow-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells and prevents their differentiation into osteoblasts. J Bone Miner Res. 2007 Dec;22(12):1943-56.

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M.S., Computer Science in Bioinformatics, John Hopkins University Engineering, 2003

Ph.D., Developing Immunology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1993

M.S., Hematology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1990

M.D., Medicine, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University School of Medicine, 1983



Phone: (210) 562-4130

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Graduate Students

Travis Block
Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Milos Marinkovic
Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Rubie Rakian
IMGP/Physiology (D.D.S./Ph.D.)