Medical Health Physics

The Master of Science in Medical Health Physics degree pertains to (1) the safe use of x rays, gamma rays, electron and other charged particle beams of neutrons or radionuclides and of radiation from sealed radionuclide sources for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, except with regard to the application of radiation to patients for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and (2) the instrumentation required to perform appropriate radiation surveys.

The curriculum provides an opportunity for students to acquire a core of fundamental knowledge through a synergistic program of formal courses, seminars, teaching opportunities and hand-on research experience. 

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Contact Information:

Beth Goins, Ph.D.
Professor/Research, Radiology
COGS Chair, Graduate Program of Medical Health Physics

Geoffrey Clarke, Ph.D.
Professor/Research, Radiology
Director, Graduate Program of Medical Health Physics

Loretta Edwards
Academic Programs Coordinator

Application Deadline:
Fall/February 1