Radiological Sciences

The Radiological Sciences Ph.D. is designed to prepare students to participate in the development and transmission of scientific knowledge in the uses of radiant energy forms in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Doctoral degree programs are offered in studies that concentrate in the general areas of:

- Medical Physics (Therapeutic or Diagnostic Medical Physics Emphasis)
- Radiation Biophysics (Not Biophysics)
- Neuroscience Imaging
- Human Imaging

The curriculum provides a core of fundamental knowledge through a synergistic program of formal courses, seminars, teaching opportunities and hands-on research experience. 

The research program in Radiological Sciences acts as a bridge between basic sciences and the application of such knowledge in the diagnostic and therapeutic processes of medicine. 

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Contact Information:

Beth Goins, Ph.D.
Professor/Research, Radiology
COGS Chair, Graduate Program of Radiological Sciences

Geoffrey Clarke, Ph.D.
Professor/Research, Radiology
Director, Graduate Program of Radiological Sciences

Loretta Edwards
Academic Programs Coordinator

Application Deadline:
Fall/ February 1